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How to Record A Memorable Voice Over Audition

An in-depth look into what makes an audition stand out

There are a lot of great voices in the world, but only a select few are able to break into the voice-acting industry and become familiar to millions. Although natural talent goes a long way to making someone a successful voice actor, that’s far from the only factor.

In order for a voice actor to become one of those few fortunate enough to become well-known, he or she first needs to master the art of a memorable voice-over audition.

All of the inborn talent in the world won’t help a voice actor land a job if he or she can’t make the best impression on the casting director during the audition. That’s why it’s crucial for voice actors to spend as much time honing their specific auditioning skills in addition to working on their diction and pronunciation.

Having a memorable and successful voice-over audition is a matter of preparation, first and foremost. Voice actors are expected to be able to deliver an audition at a moment’s notice today, thanks to the Internet, so voice actors have to make being prepared to audition a top priority. From warming up their voices to reading the script thoroughly to remembering to be energetic to staying hydrated, being meticulous about preparing for an audition is critical for a highly competitive business such as voice acting.

To help ensure that you’re always prepared for a voice-over audition, check out the guide from our friends at Such A Voice below.

It lists some important tips all voice actors should consider before they audition for a job. Keeping these tips in mind can mean the difference between impressing a casting director and being forgettable. No voice actor wants to be forgotten, so remember these tips to give yourself the best chance at becoming the next great familiar voice. It takes more than raw talent to become a successful voice actor, and this advice can be what puts you over the top.

How to Record A Memorable Voice-Over Audition Infographic


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