VoicesUK® - Frequently Asked Questions VoicesUK® - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A voiceover platform providing professional showcases for British talent

Frequently Asked Questions

A voiceover platform providing professional showcases for British talent

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional showcases for British talent

What is VoicesUK?
VoicesUK is a British voiceover platform providing fully searchable professional showcase services for voice talent to use as their online home to attract potential clients.

We are primarily a showcase promotion platform. Our one-off non-recurring admin fee covers the hosting and marketing for what is essentially a website for talent voiceover promotion, with direct links to each talent’s own/agent website and social media pages for ease of potential client contact… for life (not per month or annually!).

We have an audition form if a potential client would prefer to let us handle a project, usually used when they don’t have one specific voice in mind. We do not operate as a job marketplace nor do we promote our site as such. However, when audition requests are posted we put them on the talent side of the site as well as within our private discussion forum. Talent sets their own rates for each project and we encourage the use of an industry rate guide so they are paid fairly and for clients know what to expect.

When was VoicesUK launched?
Established in 2013 by professional voiceover artists, we have around 500 voice talent across our worldwide network with a wide variety of British & international accents for use on TV, radio, commercial and online projects for some of the largest (and smallest!) companies in the world. All talent have home studios and their availability & turnaround time is shown on their showcase page.

Who is behind VoicesUK?
We are a Guildford-based startup founded by our Managing Director, TV commercial voice artist & music producer Joe Wakeford. Voice artist Rebecca Bentham joined shortly after the company was setup as community admin and assistant to Joe. The pair have always had a real passion for audio production and performance, it was a natural progression to form a British-centric voice platform and team up with the country’s best talent offering more options to a wider commercial base. We have a friendly ethos and have a one-to-one relationship with all talent, we are active on social media and have an industry advice blog. We have since expanded our team to offer dedicated artist relation services, client services and community management.

Minimum rates ensure our talent are properly rewarded for their work and all members are given access to a range of over £300 of industry discounts to improve their skills & services providing additional benefits in joining us. These services include offers on audio showreel production, online file backup, audio equipment and voiceover training. We are partners of British microphone manufacturer Sontronics, online file backup provider Carbonite and throat pastille supplier VocalZone among other industry players.

VoicesUK voice artist showcase screenshotWhat is a voice artist showcase?
Showcases form the central core of our platform – they serve as fully searchable pages for talent to show off their audio showreels, experience, skills, vocal credentials and headshot. Showcases are user-editable and micro-managed by talent themselves. Agent website links as well as social media links can be displayed for additional ways for talent to be contacted by potential clients. In addition to these methods each showcase features a contact form for private audition requests to be submitted to us for specific talent. All credentials are searchable for visitors to find the right voice fast. VoicesUK has a separate project submission form for clients to involve our team in finding the perfect voice for their project.

What are your sources of revenue?
– showcase membership attracts a one-off non-recurring lifetime admin fee of £99.99, or £49.99 for a 6 month trial (this does not rebill). All talent must be of a professional standard with a high quality showreel. The admin fee will be refunded if VoicesUK do not approve the registration application.

– a project administration fee is taken for working closely with clients on finding the right voice, negotiating fees & managing their project (typically 10-20% depending on the scope of the project and work involved). There are no fees for direct contact by clients to talent where we have no involvement in the project process.

VoicesUK screenshotWhat’s in store for the future?
In January 2015 we launched VoicesUS with our niche and curated selection from the vast pool of 250,000+ North American voice artists. We plan to continue to accept new voice talent across our British network while nurturing current members, building a welcoming & productive environment and becoming the world’s go-to platform for voice artists wishing to be part of a growing family of curated talent… and for production companies & small businesses to find the perfect voice for their projects.