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Life Outside the Sound Booth...

Voiceover pros Nic & Leah give us an insight into the world outside the studio


Voiceovers across the UK live out their lives talking to themselves in solitary boxes, and often the only communication they have with each other is online. It’s a sorry state of affairs, and a poor substitute for the warmth of real human contact, so two voiceovers, Nic Redman and Leah Marks have decided to do what they can change this.

Here they are, in conversation at a fancy hipster coffee bar in Manchester. To hear the original audio in all its hyperactive, comic, wittering glory, head to their twitter page: @VOSocialNorth.

Leah – So, we first met because I noticed you posting on forums.

Nic – A LOT.

Leah Marks

Leah Marks

Leah – All over the internet you were, and I thought, that lady sounds interesting, I’ll check out her website – and I was highly impressed, but spotted some wayward apostrophes and decided a really great way of introducing myself to someone would be to be a massive bum head and point out their mistakes. And you responded! Which I thought was very nice of you, and you seemed really friendly, although I later found out you were thinking other things, right?

Nicola Redman

Nicola Redman

Nic – Well, I sort of thought, “Oh god, here’s someone getting in touch for advice who’s also a grammar pedant” – I definitely focus on making the blogs more interesting, and forget about making them grammatically accurate, but I’m getting better… Anyway, I emailed you back, and said “thanks very much”, which was true actually, I was genuinely pleased that you pointed it out because I wouldn’t like people to think “oh, I like your blogs but god you can’t spell”. Then I said, why don’t you come to this little meet up group that I’m a part of in London, downstairs in a very… erm… how would you describe it?

Leah – Bijou?

Nic – I was going to say crusty, but that’ll do.

Leah – So I came along, and until I arrived, you still thought there was a chance I was hideously dull.

Nic – I just didn’t know what to expect – y’know, if you’re trawling the internet looking for grammar corrections, are you really my kind of person…

Leah –  Right… At that time, I was bobbing over from Bristol every weekend to do traffic broadcasts, and so I turned up with my entire recording studio poking out of the top of my rucksack, asking everyone “is this voice acting club” and then feeling very silly, but you were very nice to me. And we continued to be friends, and made friends with some other lovely voiceovers, and came to the conclusion that the industry is strengthened somewhat by better connections and communication between voiceovers – with a by product of that being that people support each other in finding work.

Nic – Definitely – we’ve both pointed each other towards work, haven’t we?

BBC Radio Manchester

BBC Radio Manchester

LeahYes, you found me something that required a Manchester accent, and I got you onto BBC Radio Manchester.

Nic – Yep, I was talking about accents because (ahem) qualified voice coach over here, MA level…

LeahMA Level… but we were both living down South, and we had our lovely voiceover friends that were also living down South, but for various different reasons we both moved up to Salford within weeks of each other.

Nic – Serendipitously.

LeahSo here we are, in Salford, we only have each other, we don’t have any other voiceover friends.

Nic – None at all. Loners.

LeahSo we thought we’d do something about it.

Nic – Hence

Both together VO Social North!

Leah – It’s happening! A social for voiceovers across the North of England, and the UK in fact.

Nic – It’s really just designed to have a drink and get together and talk and moan and laugh and chat and get to know each other and who knows what will come of it. I’m sure we’ll have a ruddy good time though. When’s it happening Leah?

LeahWell Nicola, I’m glad you asked… It’s happening on the 7th of November, which is a Saturday, from 2 o clock in the afternoon. Can you tell the lovely people where it’s happening?

Nic – I certainly can, it’s upstairs at the Port Street Beer House.

Leah – The postcode is M1 2EQ, which is a remarkably pleasing postcode for a VO meetup. See the map below for its exact location:

Nic – That’s brilliant.

Leah – And it’s happening, the guest list is hotting up.

Nic – Yeh, we have literally ten of people.

Leah – We do, we really do though!

Nic – It might be fifteen of people soon.

Leah – I don’t know how we’re going to cope with that many people to talk to.

Nic – …I think you’ll be fine.

Leah – Haha thanks!

We also have a Twitter, @VOSocialNorth, so you can follow us on that if you like and you can follow us individually @nicredmanvoice and @Leah_etc – we hope you can join us, or if you’ve any questions, give us a holler. Yeah, you can also email us by clicking here. See you there!

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2 responses to "Life Outside the Sound Booth…"

  1. Mark Thomas Oct 26, 2015 at 12:53

    This sounds like a fun event – shame I’m busy. Next time… next time.. 🙂 Enjoy.


  2. Alice Gilmour Nov 01, 2015 at 15:02

    Same here! Would have loved to meet some more northern VO artists, but am busy this Sat. Hope there’ll be a next one….


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