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Nick Charlton

Nick Charlton 

Nick Charlton

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  • STUDIO PATCH: ip-DTL, Skype
  • EQUITY RADIO RATES: Accepts standard rates
    Under 48hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Middle aged, Old age
  •    Native accent: England - Neutral/Unaccented
  •    Gender: Male


An exciting new find. Nick has one of those voices you could happily listen to all day. Naturally deep, warm and friendly, distinguished, charismatic, versatile and precise. A warm sophisticated and soothing RP.

Comfortable working in all sectors be it a charismatic corporate presenter, an e-learning project, commercial, documentary or narration, Nick brings a warmth and character to your projects. Whether you need a high energy, upbeat approach or something more conversational and soothing, then Nick’s your man.

Nick prides himself on quick turnaround times and always going the extra mile to make sure clients are pleased with the end result. If required, retakes and amendments at no extra cost are not an issue, to ensure each project is completed on budget and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Click here to post a free audition request if you'd like auditions from me or voices similar to mine, and we'll come to you!

“RP, Deep, Strong, Manly, Smooth, Versatile - Classic English”, Nick CharltonNick Charlton

Mic - Sennheiser MK4, Sound Forge Pro 11, Focusrite 212i, ipDTL
GOOGLE USA - 53 x VR Expeditions * 1080 Media TV - Clipper World Race 2017/18 Documentary * Republica (Miami) - Azamara Cruises Promo * Brand wagon - Radio Ads, Go Internet * Catch Creative - Resolution Informational * Google Expeditions - Battle or Hastings * AppTamin (France) - Trading App * Handshake Studios (Boston) - TV Advert SR Carnosyn * Animatic Media (USA) - IPC Corporate * Film Factory - R&M Corporate * MetroAVonline (USA) - Discrimination Voiceover * Bradley TV - Corporate Sales Video * FishSinger (Italy) - Voiceover / English Dubbing * Global Witness - Papua New Guinea Deforestation Documentary (narration) * Unicorn Training - Airport Simulation (three characters) * QVC: Jewellery weekly Highlights * Weekly Highlights * Your Spring Garden * Richard Jacksons Easter Garden * Sketchers Stretch Fit Glider Shoe (Advert)

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    Many thanks this is all good for me ! 🙂

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    Excellent work

    This is the second time I’ve engaged Nick for his voice over/voice acting services. We were looking for a trustworthy, confident tone of voice for a corporate radio ad and Nick nailed the brief each time. His prompt responses, eagerness to get the job right and quality of work make him an easy choice to work with.

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    Very happy client. Thanks Nick!

    Nick was great to work with. He recorded in his home studio to a tight deadline and delivered a solid, varied set of recordings for us to choose from. We were really happy with his work.

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