Julia Lee on VoicesUK® - Audition & hire this British voiceover artist (★★★★★) Julia Lee on VoicesUK® - Audition & hire this British voiceover artist (★★★★★)
Julia Lee

Julia Lee
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified showcase went live 4 years ago. This voice artist has committed to remain an active lifetime member.

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Julia Lee
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified voice artist's showcase went live on 4 years ago. They have been active on the VoicesUK talent team and have committed to a lifetime showcase on the platform.

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  • Current availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • STUDIO PATCH: Cleanfeed, Source Connect Now
  • EQUITY RADIO RATES: Accepts standard rates
    Under 48hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult, Middle aged, Old age
  •    Native accent: England - Neutral/Unaccented
  •    Vocal timbre: Female

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by this page. I’m an English VO, with a neutral/RP accent and a voice that is mezzo/alto in range. I work from my professional home studio and offer high-quality audio, a fast turnaround and a reliable service. If you’d like me to provide a voice sample of your script, just get in touch.

Originally from North Yorkshire, I’m very comfortable voicing projects with a northern accent – please listen to my reels. As a linguist, with an MA in French and Spanish from Oxford University, I really enjoy listening to and voicing different accents, both UK and international, and love a character role.

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects for a variety of clients, including Allianz, BNP Paribas, Clarins, Defra, GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG and Siemens.

If you think I might be able to help, just get in touch!

Click here to create a free audition if you'd like auditions from me (or voices similar to mine).

“Natural and warm, conversational or formal, for narration, commercials and e-learning”, Julia Lee Julia Lee

Soundforge Pro, Sennheiser MK4 mic, Focusrite Scarlet audio interface
Training, experience & previous clients:
Corporate, web-explainers, e-learning, medical narration, apps, documentaries, public announcements, telephone messaging. Clients include: Airbus, Allianz, BNP Paribas, Cambridge University, Cisco, Clarins, Defra, the Environment Agency, GlaxoSmithKline, Informa KPMG, Siemens, Willis Owen.

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    Thank you!

    They were brilliant. I am truly happy with the professionalism and high quality production you have provided. I shall certainly hope that Julia will be available in the future, when I a) make revisions to this app, and b) create my next app. I am hoping that my concept of using these images as method of teaching history proves to be as rewarding as I hope.

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