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Helen Howl

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    Under 12hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Child, Teen, Young adult, Middle aged
  •    Native accent: England - Dorset
  •    Gender: Female


Helen Howl is a bright and fresh voice with a melodic tone and an impressive range. She is a soprano singer (between middle C” (C4) and “high C” (C6) ) and was tutored by Peter and Eileen Franklin through out her schooling in her home of Dorchester, Dorset.

Her natural voice is standard British but she has great versatility with her voice. Whether it’s commercial, corporate, narration, or personal projects, she knows how to keep listeners engaged.

Helen has studied Drama and as such knows how to entertain and inform an audience. This unique perspective gives her the ability to make her voice more relatable. She is able to produce any accent and create a character that audiences will enjoy listening to and want to invest in.

She has also studied languages extensively and speaks fluent Japanese from her study at university and lived in Osaka Japan for the duration of one year. She is also able to speak some Korean and French.

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“Helen Howl is a superhero when it comes to voiceover. From bright child to sensual adult she's all you'll ever need.”, Helen Howl Helen Howl

Studio Condensor Microphone, Pop-shield, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Mac Book Pro.
Training, experience & previous clients:
Helen currently lives in North London and is able to produce quality MP3s, WAV files, etc, for her clients within 12 hours as well as being able to get to central London for studio recordings without any difficulty. Helen constantly strives to improve the quality of her performance and because she is always trying to build and grow her repertoire she has the tools needed to work with a director and producer to really match the sound they're looking for.

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