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Elsie Lovelock

Elsie Lovelock 


Elsie Lovelock

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  •    AGE RANGE: Child, Teen, Young adult, Middle aged, Old age
  •    Native accent: England - Sussex
  •    Gender: Female


I am a singer and voiceover actress who has been acting since the age of 16. My natural voice is a unique, smooth, mid-pitch Southern England accent. My strongest asset is my versatility – I am able to provide wide range of voices with different pitches, ages and accents from all over the world, as well as from all over my homeland of Britain.

I have been in many musical theatre productions and shows, both professional and amateur, worked as a singer and entertainer; some of the stages I have performed on being Glyndebourne Opera House and the Dominion Theatre in London.

I have provided voices for theatre shows, video games and animations during my time as a voice actress, and have a versatile range. I have four years of Drama training under my belt, and have had vocal tutelage from TV choir master Gareth Malone, as well as a plethora of different directors from over a span of 5 years.

I am easy and pleasant to work with from my home studio in Brighton, open to be directed live, will deliver work punctually, take direction and strive to make my work the best quality it can possibly be for you!

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“Strong, upbeat and extremely versatile!”, Elsie LovelockElsie Lovelock

Audio Technica 2020 Microphone, MBOX Digidesign Interface
Training, experience & previous clients:
Recorded for a multitude of video games, has sang theme songs for video games, recorded for movie soundtracks and albums. Some of her clients include: Roosterteeth, YangYangMobile, AlienTrap, Fun Creators, Baby Learning World, Stormseeker Games, Treneon Games, Dysotek Games, Frostburn Studios, Reine Works, GB Patch Games, Crystal Shard, Fair Weather Studios, LLC, Eastshade Studios, Starbreeze Studios, Bunga Bunga Covent Garden, Ithaqua Labs, BluJay Studios, MuHa Games, and more. Appeared on Britain's Got Talent (ITV), All Together Now pilot (BBC)

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    Talented, Committed, and Friendly

    Rarely do you see someone as unbelievably dedicated to their craft and friendly on top of that. Throughout the year or so dealing with her, she’s shown nothing but unbridled passion and love for what she does and that mindset shows in the quality of her work. She’s not only a joy to work with but provides top tier quality. One of my go-to Voice actresses when needed.

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    Dedicated talented star in the making

    A one in a kind talent you’ll see in many high profile projects. Her vocal range as a voice actress and singer is astonishing, truly dedicated to her craft. Hire her, you will NOT regret it.

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    Skilled, thoughtful & professional

    I recently hired Elsie for my online series. Elsie provided me with a variation of accents to choose from responded very quickly and was one of the only ones who included all the points I asked for in the character.

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