Luke S Jones on VoicesUK® - Audition & hire this British voiceover artist (★★★★★) Luke S Jones on VoicesUK® - Audition & hire this British voiceover artist (★★★★★)
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Luke S Jones

Luke S Jones
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified showcase went live 4 years ago. This voice artist has committed to remain an active lifetime member.

Luke S Jones
Approved long-term voice artist. Read more.

This pre-approved verified voice artist's showcase went live on 4 years ago. They have been active on the VoicesUK talent team and have committed to a lifetime showcase on the platform.

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  • Current availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • EQUITY RADIO RATES: Accepts standard rates
    Under 12hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult, Middle aged
  •    Native accent: England - RP (Received Pronunciation), England - Neutral/Unaccented, England - Beds, Herts & Bucks , England - Berkshire , England - Birmingham, England - Black Country , England - Bradford & West Yorkshire , England - Bristol , England - Cambridgeshire , England - Cheshire, England - Cornwall , England - Coventry & Warwickshire , England - Cumbria , England - Derby , England - Devon , England - Dorset , England - Essex , England - Gloucestershire , England - Hereford & Worcester , England - Humber , England - Kent , England - Lancashire , England - Leicester , England - Leeds , England - Liverpool , England - Lincolnshire , England - London , England - Manchester , England - Norfolk , England - Northants , England - North Yorkshire , England - Nottingham , England - Oxford , England - Shropshire , England - Somerset , England - Southampton , England - South Yorkshire , England - Stoke & Staffordshire , England - Suffolk , England - Surrey, England - Sussex , England - Tyne , England - Teesside , England - Wear , England - Wiltshire , Scotland - Neutral/Unaccented
  •    Vocal timbre: Male

A voice over actor and screenwriter with a graduate degree in Television and Film Production, Luke has a keen and impressive creative sense. His instinct and skill set as a storyteller makes him perfect for bringing any script to life with his unique and distinguished voice.

Though passionate about storytelling from a young age, Luke’s career as a voice actor began while studying at University. In the course of writing and creating a variety of genre films, Luke found himself pulled in every direction by fellow students requesting his vocal services for their video game, animation, documentary or similar project.

Upon graduating, he decided to create his voice over business. Working from a professional quality home studio, 4 years later, he has since lent his dulcet tones to a range of esteemed clients including the NHS and Games Workshop. With a tremendous and diverse range; Luke can take any project from character work for games and animation, to commercial work, corporate narration, audiobooks, film, IVR, e-learning and so much more, and truly make it stand out.

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“A classy, warm, authentic, assured and articulate voice.”, Luke S Jones Luke S Jones

Audient iD4 with a Rode NT2-A cardioid and NTG4 shotgun microphone
Training, experience & previous clients:
Mentoring with esteemed voice over talents such Dave Fennoy and Peter Dickson. Various training courses offered through Gravy For The Brain and The Voiceover Network. Some clients include the NHS, Spotify, Games Workshop, Everguild Ltd, CMON Games Ltd and Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC.

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