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Steve O’Neill

Steve O’Neill 


Natural and clear voice artist - relaxed sound, warm, intelligent, fun and believable. Genuine.


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    Under 24hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Young adult, Middle aged, Old age
  •    Native accent: England - London
  •    Gender: Male
  • Updated on: Apr 9, 2015 @ 14:10


My overriding goal is to deliver something for the client that I, they, and THEIR client find as exciting to use – as I do making it!

There is one aim in this business – to ensure the end client gets their message across to their audience, and that’s the part of the project I directly influence. This is something I take very seriously, but I carry it out with a smile and a really positive approach.

As a member of the Gary Terzza VO masterclass I have learned from one of the best, and what Gary hasn’t experienced is frankly not worth knowing!

I first recorded a voiceover five years ago – for a training film, and after the second one I knew that the ‘buzz’ of creating something relevant and useful was particularly special.

From my home studio, I work very hard at delivering great quality – efficiently, with a flexible approach, and within the time period the client needs.

I have learned that you never stop learning in this business – and to that end I enjoy taking direction because there’s always someone who knows more than you do!

That being said, I know where my skills lay, and will have no qualms in turning a job down, if I don’t think I am the best fit – it’s not right for the client or the industry.

Click here to post a free audition request if you'd like auditions from me or voices similar to mine, and we'll come to you!

Rode NT1 condenser mic, Focusrite 2i4 Scarlett interface, high grade cabling, Adobe Audition, quiet and damped sound room
Vividus Design for Hamilton-Tiger Cats Ontario: “

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