Carole R Lewis on VoicesUK® - Audition & hire this British voiceover artist (★★★★★) Carole R Lewis on VoicesUK® - Audition & hire this British voiceover artist (★★★★★)
Carole R Lewis

Carole R Lewis

Carole R Lewis

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  • Current availability: Saturday
  • STUDIO PATCH: Source Connect
    Under 24hr delivery
  •    AGE RANGE: Middle aged
  •    Native accent: England - Neutral/Unaccented
  •    Vocal timbre: Female

Carole R Lewis is a voice actor located in New York, NY, USA. She has been actively working as a voice actor since 20. She has worked for a diverse pool of clients and brands, such as Sensotec, AT&T and Eli Lilly, Hogarth Worldwide.

Carole is an experienced British voice actor. Originally from Wales, arriving in New England by way of London and Libya, has blended the best of the British voice with the best of the American accent. This has created a voice, many say, is Mid-Atlantic.

Carole learned her voice acting skills at Edge Studios, NYU and with the many talent agents and casting directors at Actors Connection. She has become an actor used on several occasions by AT&T and more recently Hogarth Worldwide – for a Rolex project – Eli Lilly, various IVR systems and provided volunteer services at Learning Ally.

She can make a business script sound formal yet warm, and a casual fun script edgy and dry. She is non-union and has a broadcast quality studio, uses a Sennheiser 416 microphone and has Source Connect.

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“British/Mid-Atlantic/can voice conversational warm authentic corporate assured elegant”, Carole R Lewis Carole R Lewis

Sennheiser 416, Audient i4
Training, experience & previous clients:
TRAINING: New York University Acting Classes LISA CHESS Lawrence Gerwitz, Maggie Philips. Talent Agents Lisa Fischoff, Broadcasters, Angela Mickey, Liz Lewis Casting, Ingrid French, Ingrid French, Alexa Magnotto, Harbor Picture,Roger Becker Access Talent, David Goldberg, Edge Studios, Jason Sasportas, Stewart Talent

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